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New Courses, 2020-21

413 / 513 | Additive Manufacturing
Basic principles and applications of additive manufacturing (AM), Various AM processes. Materials science such as polymers, metals, ceramics, composites, and bio-materials for AM. Selection of material and process for design applications such as structures, electronics, biomedical, and consumer products. Hands-on experience and analysis from digital data to physical objects. Professor: Rahman

613 Special Topics | Materials Hetergeneous Catalysis 
This course focuses on principles of heterogeneous catalysis with emphasis on materials catalyst design ,characterization of the catalytic species and their supports by physical and chemical methods, and testing under different conditions. The course emphasizes modern investigations motivated by technologically important problems, environment and close interactions with industry. This will be a three credit hour course. Professor: Kabbani

614 Special Topics II | 2-Dimensional Quantum Material
This course offers the exciting promise of new applications such as dissipationless electronics using topological currents and quantum spins, secure quantum computing and communication, and of different realms in energy harvesting using photovoltaics and thermoelectrics. In this course, the emergence of 2-dimensional Quantum materials and their properties will be discussed. This will be a three-credit hour course. Professor: Swaminathan

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