The Department of Materials Science & NanoEngineering offers two undergraduate degrees. A Bachelor of Arts is a more flexible degree for students looking to pursue areas of interest outside of engineering. The Bachelor of Science is an accredited program that prepares students for the professional practice of engineering or a career in academia. Learn more about our undergraduate degrees offered.

During their first year, Rice undergraduate students meet with engineering divisional advisors associated with their residential colleges. These advisors provide general guidance on the various engineering majors. Peer academic advisors in each college assist the divisional advisers, providing supplementary advice from the student perspective.


Declaring a Major

Undergraduate students must declare a major during or before the spring semester of their second year. As undergraduates declare their majors, they begin to consult with a major adviser in their chosen field.

These departmental advisors can provide more specific assistance in navigating the degree options and finding enriching research opportunities. Sophomore (or second year) students are not allowed to register for the fall semester of their junior (or third) year if they have not yet declared a major. The major declaration deadline is listed in the academic calendar each year. Undergraduates may declare a major at any time before this deadline and may change their major by completing the appropriate form.

In addition to this formal advising system, students are encouraged to engage the faculty at large, to consult with course instructors for advice. They are encouraged to investigate faculty web pages to learn more about ongoing research in the School of Engineering, then contact faculty whose work interests them for potential research projects.

Learn more about declaring a major.

Undergraduate Advisors

Yimo Han
Assistant Professor
Materials Science & Nanoengineering
E208 George R. Brown
6100 Main St, MS-325, Houston, TX
Tel: 713-348-6033
Email: yh76@rice.edu

Hanyu Zhu
Assistant Professor;
Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Materials Science & Nanoengineering
E200J George R. Brown
6100 Main St, MS-325, Houston, TX
Tel:  713-348-2582
Email: hanyu.zhu@rice.edu

For a current list of division advisors and more, visit the Office of Academic Advising.