About the MMSNE

The Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering at Rice University offers this non-thesis professional master’s degree (MMSNE) in two focus areas — materials science and nanoengineering.

MMSNE students looking to continue into our PhD Program must reapply.

Why a MMSNE?

Our professional master's degree program is designed for students who have shown academic excellence in their undergraduate studies, and engineering professionals who wish to delve more deeply into engineering subject matter, increase opportunities for industry advancement and enhance their technical skills. Courses include materials science and nanoengineering specializations, as well as business, management, and communication disciplines. Professional development seminars and career workshops are also offered.

In the MMSNE program, students may collaborate with other departments at Rice and other institutions and industry in Houston, including those in the Texas Medical Center. Collaborations are also extended to universities in the United States, Europe, Asia, North and South America. International collaborations include joint research activities as well as faculty and student visitor exchanges.

Students not only focus on increasing their engineering abilities but also round out their education with training in entrepreneurship, project management, networking, and leadership, preparing them for industry and business with an advanced understanding of both the theories and applications of materials science and nanotechnology.

Course Requirements

Students are expected to complete 30 semester hours of courses approved by the department (a one-semester course is usually three semester hours credit). Of these 30 hours, at least 24 must be taken at Rice. Requirements and specific courses to be taken depend on each student’s field of study. Students must have their individual degree plans and programs of study approved by their advisors.

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