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Randy John

PHONE: 713-348-3698

Dr. Randy C. John (B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in metallurgical engineering from The Ohio State University) is a lecturer who teaches the graduate course MSNE 569 (Corrosion Science and Engineering), where both the scientific background and practical applications of several aspects of corrosion science are learned by the students.  Dr. John recently retired from a career of technology in industry lasting 35 years with Shell.  He worked in a variety of technical functions in the USA and Europe related to the evaluation, assessment and applications of materials for equipment in process applications in the oil, gas, refining, chemicals, power generation, incineration and energy industries.  Dr. John’s 60 publications and 62 patents represent technologies in new materials, new processes, new equipment and new applications for the energy industries.  Dr. John is also currently working to enhance student and MSNE department interactions with industry.