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Materials Science & Nanoengineering

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Safety Information

The Department of Materials Science and Nanoengineering promotes safe laboratory environments that support the University’s science and research mission. It is required that new personnel/students take a safety tour of the laboratory before entry.  Any use of chemicals or machinery will be explained to you by the lead of the appropriate project. All new personnel/students should contact Gary Cisneros(, Distinguished Faculty Fellow, for direction.

The Rice University Environmental Health and Safety Department conducts regularly scheduled laboratory inspection for compliance on all federal, state, local, and university policies and regulations. To better understand regulations and generally acceptable lab practices, please see the Environmental Health and Safety Inspection Checklist.

To receive more training for general laboratory, biosafety, blood borne pathogens, radiation and laser safety visit Safety Training Sign Up and register with Environment Health and Safety.

Safety in the Laboratory

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Corrosive Chemicals (Acids and Bases)

Corrosive Chemicals (Dehydrating Agents and Oxidizing Agents)

Chemical Toxicology

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